Mercedes Rudgewheels

MADE IN GERMANY is important to us. The complete development and production takes place in Germany ! This testifies to the highest quality and ensures maximum security.

Complete conversion Rudge / knock off Axle

Mercedes-Benz Octagonal Nut


Brake drum 300 SL Mercedes

Brake drum 300 SL “rudge” Mercedes

Rudgewheel / Knock Off Wheel Mercedes 300 SL

Short wing nut with wrench Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz 300SL Rudge / Knock Off Wheels Complete Set

Wing nut Knock Off Mercedes 300SL

Wing nut without MB-emblem Mercedes

Spare-wheel-mount Mercedes

SLF 2 “Kronprinz” disc wheel Mercedes

Adapter Mercedes

Screw-on handle extension


Large transport pouch

Long transport pouch micro-active