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The patented premium special tool was developed for easy tightening and loosening of wing nuts. We use high-strength aircraft-grade aluminum alloys to ensure very strong and lightweight tools. \n \nFor optimal protection of your wing nuts, the cleats are made of high-quality plastic. \n \nThe drive is via a 1" square. Using an adapter, it can be reduced to a 1/2" square to enable the use of a torque wrench. \n \nFor easy work with the premium special tool, you need a 1" adapter and a 3/4" ratchet, as very high forces can occur when loosening the wheel attachment. \n \nAfter changing the wheel, the conical surfaces of the rims can move after a few meters. It is definitely necessary to re-tighten the wheel attachment after the test drive!

Wing screw tool BMW 507

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