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Porsche 356 A&B wheel set  (5 pieces) primed/paintable with NEW brake drums


It is here  around  complete set  including all mounting materials! (Porsche wing screws,  NEW  Brake drums, locking plates, shielding plates, screws, adapter excl. wheel bearing)


You will receive new brake drums which are manufactured by us in Bavaria!


We have spared no expense or effort to be able to offer you a conversion kit with brake drums! Now it is possible to convert your Porsche 356 A and B to the original Rudge. 



MADE IN GERMANY is very important to us. The complete development and production takes place in Germany! This testifies to the best quality and ensures maximum safety.



Our rims regularly go through the strict German TÜV controls. Our rims are delivered INCLUDING a certificate for entry in your vehicle documents! 

(in the EU only valid with octagonal screws which are available separately)  



Rudge rims orig. Conversion with brake drums / paintable

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